Our History

MCM Fine Foods traces its roots back to 1986 when the company opened its doors in Kiel Wisconsin under the name Freis Distribution. In 2015, a majority interest was sold to a private capital firm which has transformed the business from one location and 200 stores served to two distribution centers in Wausau and Kiel Wisconsin and over 400 stores served state-wide. MCM Fine Foods is the leading Direct to Store Distributor (DSD) with state wide distribution in dry products and refrigerated goods. We are proud to provide service to 62 of the 72 Wisconsin counties along with offering 600 unique items that are locally made here in Wisconsin. We strive to offer our customers locally made products that appeal to the eye and taste buds.

If you are a Wisconsin based company manufacturing a product that would be of interest to MCM Fine Foods, please contact us at info@mcmfinefoods.com

Our business model is called Direct Store Delivery (DSD) and consists of delivering product from our warehouse locations directly to the retail store. MCM’s products are typically fast-turning, high velocity, and has high consumer demand merchandise. We act as an important channel for many decades to well known branded producers in addition to small local producers.
The values we provide to the Grocery Industry are greater than what meets the eye. Our DSD business model benefits retailers as an important engine to increase their sales growth. How?

  • Our knowledgeable representatives are in their stores multiple times per week merchandising product in order to manage shelf inventory, is attentive to the display & presentation of the product, and orders product to avoid stock outs (DSD items are reported as being 2-4% less than products distributed through retail distribution centers).
  • Our service benefits each retailer by reducing hundreds of hours in shelf-tag & scan errors because DSD item data is managed by us and communicated to the retailer through data synchronization. Likewise, additional labor is reduced because MCM is responsible for re-ordering and merchandising products, which is at no extra cost to the retailer. Additional hours are cut with warehouse labor since DSD products are delivered directly to the store by us, which logistics claims to be over 1% in reduction of labor for the retailer. Lastly, a 5-10% reduction in finance time and audit fees that are spent reconciling invoices are known to be cut since MCM is responsible to do so.

We merchandise dry, refrigerated, and frozen products throughout the state of Wisconsin. MCM Fine Foods guarantees all product we distribute. We strive to supply all grocers with locally made products that ensure the quality and taste all customers deserve.

MCM Fine Foods services a wide variety of customers from large corporate chains to independent grocery stores in rural areas of Wisconsin.