About Us

What makes MCM Fine Food’s Service unique?

In the grocery industry, Direct Store Delivery (DSD) has been an important channel for many decades for vendors due to much greater control over retail shelf space. We offer and provide a variety of value added services as part of our DSD offering:

  • Shelf inventory management for your store
  • In-store forecasting
  • Store level authorized item management
  • Price and promotion execution
  • Store ordering
  • In-store merchandising

The benefits of DSD to the retailer that MCM Fine Food brings:

  • Increased sales because knowledgeable supplier representatives of DSD products are in the stores multiple times per week merchandising our products.
  • Thousands of retailer hours are saved due to a reduction in shelf-tag & scan errors because DSD item data is managed by us and communicated to retailers through data synchronization
  • Reduced labor expense for reordering & merchandising products since this is taken care of us at no extra cost to the retailer. Merchandising time spend hanging item data is reduced by 10% because of our services
  • DSD products bypass the trail distribution center which takes out 0.5-1% inventory out of the retail distributors inventory assets
  • Thousands of hours of retail warehouse labor hours are saved because DSD products are delivered directly to the stores, by MCM Fine Foods. Logistics costs saves the retailer an estimated 1.5% plus more in reduction.
  • 5-10% reduction in finance time and audit fees spend reconciling invoices

Our business model is recognized as a 3-tier DSD Network. This model is similar to a 2-tier DSD Network, except the food producer has typically outsourced the logistics function to a third part that has an established infrastructure capable of servicing the market (MCM). We then perform both the logistical function in addition to the merchandising function of this model.

Have more questions about how our business operates? Feel free to contact us with any questions about how MCM Fine Foods and DSD can meet your food distribution needs.